About a week ago I start having bump/swelling on my head at first there just two small spot, the next day it was all over the left side of my heads and my lymph nodes on the neck, back of the ears and back of my head start hurting so much not to mention the bump on my head. Its so tender and itchy, at first I thought I must have an infection maybe something bite me. So I went to my doctor and get some lab work done. He said I have gout and my Uric Acid is 9.1 mg/dl. Have anyone else got this symptoms before? I tried to search but I could not find any information that is related to gout attack on the scalp on the head. I’m really afraid, what if this not gout but something worse.

Ethnicity: Asian

Sex: Male

Height: 5’8

Weight: 250lbs

Main Diet: Meat,Poultry and Fish… Very few Dairy or vegetables.

I’m not sure if this relevant but gain 55lbs in the last 9 months after motorcycle accident that limit my ability to exercise (I know this should not be an excuse).

Im first time poster and would love to get more info from you guys. I will also try to schedule an appointment with a rheumatologist and will share all the findings.




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  • If you have gout, then you must control it by maintaining uric acid level no higher than 5mg/dL. With such a high level, the only way you will do this is by using allopurinol.

    Please make sure your doctor has read the latest guidelines from the American College of Rheumatology before treatment. As I do not know which part of Asia you are from, I cannot tell if you fall into the ethnic groups recommended for screening.

    The bumps you describe do not sound like gout. I don’t really understand how you expect someone on the Internet to help you with something that clearly needs to be examined by a doctor. If the bumps are related, they will contain uric acid crystals which can be tested under a polarizing microscope.

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