• I have been looking myself for something similar. Before I respond properly, please can you tell me a bit more so that I know I’m not thinking about something entirely different.

    Please could you edit your question to explain what fungus overgrowth and Candida mean.

    I guess most people will understand fungus, but what does fungus overgrowth mean?

    I have heard of Candida, but I have no idea what it is, and I have never heard of it in relation to gout before.

    Which brings me to my main point – how does your question relate to gout? Please could you explain a bit more about why you are asking? Single sentence questions don’t give much of a clue about how to respond, and usually make for very poor discussions.

  • Frank McAuley

    I have contributed to this site previously and this addition is hopefully an enhancement of my present method of dealing with excess uric acid.
    Taking 80 mg Febuxostat since 18 Feb 2012 with dramatic results: foot pain gone plus related anxiety (other joint pain also lessened) and the less than the magical 3mg/dl uric acid. Ihave also noticed other “white deposits”on my ankles have disappeared!
    Unfortunately I developed tinnitus which the rheumatologist and a contributor to this site thought could be an adverse effect of the medication so he suggested a reduction to 40 mg Febuxostat. At the same time it was discovered I had an overgrowth of Candida which along with its many effects on the body is tinnitus! I have been dealing with the Candida (fungus) overgrowth naturally by ELIMINATING ALL SUGARS/CARBS from my diet.
    The ensuing blood tests have indicated a reading of 2.2 mg/dLwhich is better than when I was taking the 80mg dose and I have also lost in excess of 1 1/2 stones in weight and the tinnitus is now less frequent. The Candida is not yet in balance but hopefully that will come about.

    What is the conclusion to this? Would lifestyle changes be sufficient to deal with the excess UA ,viz nutritional typing or is it a dual approach.
    Could Candida overgrowth be something worthwhile investigating in relation to uric acid management?

    I have avoided trying to explain Candida Overgrowth ( which happens to men and women) so perhaps a little perusal of Google?

    • I’ve googled Candida through the search box, but apart from loads of references to this discussion, there is not much to go on.

      It is mentioned in a uric acid study on uric acid and evolution, but I can’t see the relevance.

      But this does not seem to have any relevance to uric acid in humans – it’s just an explanation of how genetic changes take place in different organisms. The report is referring to Candida utilis. Is that the same as you are asking about, or is it something completely different?

      I really have no ideas on what this is all about. Maybe it is simply not relevant to gout. If it is, then maybe your doctor can help.

      Since I started googling this, I notice someone else has mentioned it here, but they have called it “candida link”

      Is this the same Candida as what you are asking about?

  • Coxy

    During Easter this year I had a bit of a binge on Vino and quite a few Easter Eggs! On about my 10th glass in two days I thought i’d broke my toe at about 22:00. The pain became unbearable, I slept little that night and couldn’t for the life of me remember banging my foot… That wine must have been good stuff! The next day I could not walk, it felt like I’d broken my big toe, it was red and swelling. I’d broken bones before but it was never this painful. 2 Days later no change, so I carted myself to the Hosi. Dr said he thought it might be gout… I laughed at him ‘ Thats for Old Wino’s isn’t it? That cannot be right’. But then I have drank rather alot in my time. Im 37, mildy overweight 83kg / 13st 4lbs ish. They tested my Uric Acid Levels and the doc said Gout was inconclusive as it came back 4.5. Normal range he said is 2.4 to 4.4 and 4.5 is not massively high? So I went to my GP 10 days later after spending a massive amount of time on Google where I discoverd Baking Soda and Cherries which took the edge off, but only mildy. (In fact I over dosed on the B.Soda and lost the control of my bowels for an hour :-). The Gp looked at the Base of my Big Toe and said matter of frankly ‘Oh yes you’ve got Gout’. He took blood and prescribed me Colchicine. 6 tabs of cochy blitzed the gout in 2 days and I could walk again and get my shoe on… oh the relief was amazing after 2 weeks! Kidneys came back normal, Uric Acid 4.6. Hardly Alarmist the doctor said, but time to cut down on Alcohol and avoid too much Meat and Fish, could lead to Heart Disease, go away and be healthy he said…. Gee Thanks. That was 3 months ago. No Pain since, but my toe is still sore (and scared red) and now I can feel tingling in my Toes and Fingers (is it in the brain?). Just tonight my Index Finger started itching like a beast. I think thats the Gout. Yet my Uric Acid levels have been low compared to others on this forum? More Cherries and its calmed down. I’ve also found I suddenly cannot tollerate coffee? It makes me go weak to the point of feeling totally drained, yet my Hearts fine, just last night I ran 3 Miles no problem at all? Although I reckon the Lactic Acid is not hellping the Gout tingles tonight. Is the coffee a reaction to lowering Iron Levels. I read the Iron / Gout connection post.

    But I’ve also considered the Candida Link as i’ve been confirmed mildy allergic to Yeast, Had Sinus problems, Irritable Bowel and an Itchy backside for years… Surely not all related? I’ve read about trying the Alkaline the Body, i’m becoming Hooked on Tomatoes and Grapefruit Juice… But the Gout is still there.. I can feel it tingling away most evenings but thankfully no pain and hobbling about. I’ve cut down on the Booze dramatically, no fish but meat is hard to avoid and drink water as much as possible. But sugar is a problem with me. So much information out here I don’t know where to start….. I’ve no family history of Gout, yet I fear this beast is here to stay and it’s p1ssing me off…. I need a beer!

    It cannot be too bad though I slipped up on Monday night and had 5 pints of Czech Lager and a Curry…. Gout twinges been more prominent since mind… But i’ve also read that only 10% of uric acid is due to diet??? I guess we are all different and have different triggers and tollerances…. So confused!

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