Coffee and GoutThe June 2007 edition of Arthritis & Rheumatism reports, in Coffee Consumption and Risk of Incident Gout in Men: A Prospective Study, that there is a strong link between drinking coffee and a reduced risk of gout.

This is another finding from a statistical study of thousands of American men that I have mentioned before. The authors are keen to point out the limitations of this study, in that it is based only on professional men, is self-reporting with no medical supervision, and may be not cover all important factors.

That said, this is surely a prime candidate for some comprehensive clinical studies. Come on, you researchers – give us some proof that Java can make us dance.


  • Jerry

    I recent article in the Vancouver Sun also stated red wine reduced uric acid levels.Any more info on this?

  • Do you have the text of this article? All studies that I’ve looked at indicate that red wine is either neutral, or increases uric acid.

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