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Marrow Seeds for Gout
Marrow Seeds for Gout

Marrow Seeds and Gout Introduction

When recipes tell you to discard marrow seeds, do you follow instructions? Or do you worry that you're throwing away a helpful gout food?

Note that marrow (Cucurbita pepo L.) is also called pumpkin and summer squash. So you should search for those foods for more information.

Marrow Seeds and Gout Purpose

GoutPal Foodies learn to establish good eating patterns. Because following sound nutrition principles is the foundation for gout-friendly meal planning. Then you can build on that foundation as a GoutPal Dieter. By changing foods and preparation techniques that are shown to lower uric acid. So this article explains how marrow seeds can be gout-friendly. But remember to discuss diet changes with your doctor before you make them.

Marrow Seeds and Gout

Most marrow recipes include instructions to remove and discard the seeds. Because it's felt that the texture of the membranes surrounding the seeds is unpleasant. Though I saw a mention on BBC Good Food website that the seeds could be fried and frozen. To serve with mashed potato another day.

A 2015 study[1] leads me to think that gout sufferers might follow that advice. Because it shows that marrow seeds are effective in reducing uric acid levels. Although, like many studies, the effects are on poisoned rats instead of human gout sufferers.

The experiments compare marrow (Cucurbita pepo L.), lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and prickly pear (Opuntia indica) seeds. Where all rats received the same base diet. With some groups also treated with one or all of the seeds. Then the results show the following reductions compared to the untreated group:

  1. Marrow seeds 37.50% reduction
  2. Lettuce seeds 30.83% reduction
  3. Prickly pear seeds 14.17% reduction
  4. Equal parts mixture 10.83% reduction

Besides uric acid, the study included other liver and kidney functions, blood lipid profiles and blood sugar. And it concluded that all seeds, and the mixture, improved all tested blood factors.

Marrow Seeds for Gout
Marrow Seeds for Gout
See below for details[*].

Marrow Seeds for Your Gout

You have learned how marrow seeds lower uric acid. So you might include them in your meal preparation. But be sensible in the amount of marrow seeds you include. Because your total consumption of seeds shouldn't exceed dietary guidelines. Also, you should include a variety of seeds to cover a wide range of nutrients.

If you still have concerns about marrow seeds & gout, you should discuss those concerns with your professional health advisers. However, if you want help to prepare for that discussion, please contact me.

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Marrow Seeds and Gout References

  1. EL-Zahraa Amin El-Sherif, Fatma, Magda Kamel El Shaer, and Hammam Mohamed El-Tantawy. "Prickly pear, Lettuce, Marrow Seeds and Their Blend as Used to lower The Cholesterol in Albino Rats." المجلة العلمية لعلوم التربية النوعية 2, no. 2 (2015): 68-85.

Marrow Seeds and Gout Footnote

This marrow seeds & gout photograph is by Louise from the Simple Way to Make Jamie Oliver Stuffed marrow page at The Delicious Menu (as at 14 May 2022). I've cropped and resized their photograph. So see that archive for the original photograph and its copyright details.

Stuffed marrow is a candidate for GoutPal's Gout Foundation Diet. But first, I need to analyze each ingredient for its impact on uric acid and gout. So in the meantime, you should check the details with your professional health advisers.

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