Uric acid tests are vital for gout management. Because doctors need test results to guide gout diagnosis and treatment. So gout sufferers need to know what uric acid tests to expect in different circumstances. Then patient and physician can discuss test results to determine the best route to gout recovery.

Uric Acid Tests Purpose

The purpose of this article is to explain the range of uric acid tests that are available to gout sufferers. Especially for people who know they need to control uric acid. But have not yet agreed which health professional(s) they will work with to achieve gout recovery. So this supports the Purpose of GoutPal.com by helping gout sufferers work with their doctors to organize the team of professionals who will work on their gout management plan.

In most cases, your doctor will work with laboratories to test your uric acid levels. So you are likely to be following a Gout Patient Plan. In which case, you probably do not need this article and you should look at other information related to uric acid tests.

However, if your case is more complicated, you need to learn about your options for uric acid tests. In which case, I class you as a Gout Student. But if you are unfamiliar with the GoutPal approach to gout management plans, start with Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Uric Acid Tests Introduction

Testing uric acid is crucial for accurate diagnosis of gout symptoms. Uric acid tests are also crucial for monitoring gout treatment and ensuring the right dose is being taken. But what exactly do we mean by uric acid test.

Actually, there are several types of uric acid test, and all have their place in management of uric acid levels. Remember, the only way to stop gout from returning is to make uric acid safe. In these uric acid test guidelines, you will learn what different tests are used for, and how to interpret results. You need to be able to discuss test results with your doctor so that you can be sure you are getting the right treatment.

Some tests can be done at home, most tests are best left to your doctor, but more advanced tests need to be done by an experienced rheumatologist. Fortunately, most gout testing is very simple, and can be carried out at your local doctor. Your doctor should refer you to a rheumatologist if any of the following are true:

  • Your doctor is unsure that your symptoms are definitely gout.
  • You have kidney disease or other health problems that might complicate gout treatment.
  • You have had more than 3 gout attacks and you do not have a treatment plan that will stop future attacks.

Uric Acid Tests

Uric Acid Blood Test
The standard uric acid blood test involves a small sample of blood that is tested for dissolved uric acid. The test itself is simple, and you can even do it at home with your own uric acid test kit. However, interpretation of results is far from simple. Do not be confused with labels like low/normal/high. You need an exact number, and you need to know if it is safe, risky, or dangerous.
Joint Fluid Test For Gout
Where blood test results are not certain, testing joint fluid is usually definite. This test for gout should only be entrusted to an experienced rheumatologist who can analyze samples immediately.
Imaging Gout Test
In recent years, much research has gone into developing non-invasive gout tests. Using ultrasound, CAT scans, and MRI scanners, these tests are producing clearer results without drawing body fluids.
Uric Acid in Urine
In healthy people, excess uric acid should be excreted by the kidneys before it can form crystals in the body. A simple test of the amount of uric acid cleared by your kidneys will help doctors decide if you produce too much uric acid, or if you excrete too little. Knowing that can influence the best treatment.

Please check back for detailed guidelines for each of these uric acid tests. You can subscribe to my gout info update service to get email notification when I publish more gout information. In the meantime, if you have any questions, experiences or opinions about your uric acid test, please join the gout support forum.

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What's New for Uric Acid Tests?
What’s New for Uric Acid Tests?

Uric Acid Tests Comments

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How do Scientists Test for Uric Acid?

Bill asked if I had more information about the uric acid tests that scientists use. I explained that the technical details of laboratories are beyond the scope of GoutPal. However, it is useful for gout sufferers to understand some aspects of uric acid laboratory tests. Especially to learn about new testing choices.

For example, Gus was excited to learn about potential for attaching uric acid test strips to his smartphone. Also, following that study[1], there is more information about the use of smartphone technology for uric acid tests[2]. Finally, there is potential for new commercial laboratory processes that might impact how your blood and urine samples are processed in future uric acid tests[3].

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