Uric Acid, Gout & Hyperuricemia image

I use this Uric Acid, Gout and Hyperuricemia image to illustrate my Uric Acid Guidelines.

Hyperuricemia simply means excess uric acid. I say simple, but the definition of excess is not clear. The most common definition is 7mg/dL, or higher. You can see better analysis of excess uric acid in my Uric Acid Levels Chart.

The image shows that, though microscopically small as a single molecule, clumps of uric acid crystals can grow into tophi. Tophi can become very large, if hyperuricemia is not treated. As the image says:

Uric Acid


So very small

    So very cruel

Learn more about uric acid and hyperuricemia, including their relationship to gout, in my Uric Acid guidelines.

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