Gout Donations Policy

I receive occasional, voluntary, donations from individuals who value the information on this site. Such donations are given and received entirely without obligation, and do not influence the content of this website.

All my gout services are free, but if you want to give a little back, I will not complain. Money is not important to me, so despite the donation link above, I prefer you to help in other ways. Obviously, if you have plenty of money, then you should share some via the donation link. However, there are many ways to help your fellow gout sufferers, that do not involve spending money. What will you do to help?

Gout & Uric Acid Advertising Policy

GoutPal displays advertising in clearly marked advertising areas on most web pages. Advertising is generally placed through agencies, who include links to their service pages to report any violations. I also encourage visitors to report any questionable adverts to me via the Contact Page.

Suppliers of goods and services should be able to(*) approach me directly for advertising space on GoutPal. Advertising space is available on a fixed price per month basis. I only accept adverts for ethical products and services, and adverts will be clearly marked as GoutPal adverts, appearing above, below or to the side of editorial articles and clearly marked as advertisements. I do not accept paid reviews or ‘advertorial’ style promotions.

GoutPal is proud to independently review many products and services aimed at gout sufferers and give unbiased opinions. Such opinions will not be influenced by donation or advertising revenue.

Leave GoutPal Advertising Policy & Sources Of Funding to view more information about GoutPal

(*) Please note that I am currently reviewing my options and methods regarding advertising. If you want to advertise here, please join the Google AdSense scheme, and use their features to specify this website, and/or other GoutPal websites.

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