Indomethacin Introduction

Indomethacin Gout Treatment

Do not take indomethacin for gout until you are fully aware of the risks:

Indomethacin is one of the most common treatments for gout pain relief.

Indomethacin belongs to the class of drugs known as NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), and therefore carries all the risks associated with this class of drug. These risks are mostly associated with prolonged use, and I discuss them in more detail on the side effects page. If gout is managed properly, then prolonged use of NSAIDs or any type of pain relief should not be necessary.

In fact, the biggest risk of indomethacin as a gout treatment is that, by merely masking your gout pain, you do nothing about the underlying causes. Untreated gout is an extremely serious health risk, discussed at length elsewhere on this website. By all means, consider indometacin when you are suffering an acute gout attack, but always remember that you must see uric acid control as your main priority.

2022 Indomethacin & Gout Update

These articles are from the old version of this website. And I am updating them. So please see the latest Indomethacin & Gout index.

Indomethacin Information

Due to the large amount of indomethacin information, and the large amount of interest in this particular gout medication, I have divided the articles into several topics.

Indomethacin Overview

Describes what indometacin (indomethacin) is and how you should take it to relieve gout pain.

Indomethacin Brands

Now included in Indomethicin Spelling section below.

Indomethacin & Gout

A review of indomethacin & gout, summarizing specific investigations into the use of indomethacin as an anti-inflammatory gout cure.

Indomethacin (Indocin) Dosage For Gout

Please see the Indomethacin Dosage For Gout page.

Indomethacin Side Effects

Please see the Indomethacin Side Effects page. Also, you should be aware of general gout medication side effects.

Indomethicin Spelling

Like many medicines, indomethacin is often misspelled. Though spelling is often overrated, it pays to take extra care with medicines, as a misunderstanding might cause treatment problems in the unlikely event of a similar sounding drug being taken mistakenly.

In the list below, I have included brand names, where the active ingredient is indomethacin alone. When buying medicine, it is usually best to use the generic name rather than a brand name, unless additional active ingredients make the gout medicine more useful to you.


Indo replaced by Endo.


Indo replaced by Ido – missing n.


A common abbreviation, but not recommended, as abbreviations can often cause confusion.


thacin replaced by cine. This appears most frequently in Chinese articles.


meth replaced by menth.


A very common alternative (dropping the h), which is the main spelling in some countries. See the indometacin page for more details.


This is the correct spelling of the NSAID that is used to
relieve gout pain by reducing inflammation. Full details can be found in
the indomethacin pages in the Anti-Inflammatory Gout Cure part of the Gout Treatment Section.

Indomethacin Brands

Common brand names include: Arthrexin, Indocin; Indocid; Indomethacinum; Indomethazine; Imbrilon; Metindol; Tannex; and Novo-Methacin.


e added at end – French spelling. Also occurs as indometacine.


cin replaced by cyn – possibly Indonesian or other language.


thacin replaced by thasin – s instead of c.


missing a near end.


a replaced by e.


a replaced by i. Also gets written as endomethicin.


a replaced by o.

If you are aware of other alternative spellings or common brand names, please share them on the gout forum.

Indomethacin: Next Steps

I am reorganizing these topics – please see the early overview of indomethacin and gout pain relief.

There are more indomethacin articles to read, or you can read about other anti-inflammatory gout cures in this Gout Treatment Section.

Please remember: to find more related pages that are relevant to you, use the search box near the top of every page.

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