Stage 2 of the 2012 gout forum revamp project is now live, with a revised Gout Symptoms Forum.

Getting a clear diagnosis from your gout symptoms is your vital first step in your journey to gout freedom. Without a correct diagnosis of gout, you will never know if you actually have gout, and you risk lack of progress from treating the wrong disease.

This gout symptoms forum is also the perfect place to discuss the “why me?” factor. Newly diagnosed gout patients are often anxious to know why they have fallen foul of painful gouty arthritis. Sometimes it is difficult to know your causes of gout, but if you can determine what caused your gout, it may give you better choices during your next step – your gout treatment plan.

Please be careful when posting in the gout symptoms forum. It is very frustrating if you ask forum members to diagnose your symptoms. We simply cannot do that, but we can help you understand what your doctor says, and help you know what questions to ask.

The main aim of the gout symptoms forum is to improve my Gout Symptoms reference information, so please refer to those pages, then ask for clarification on your personal circumstances here. If you are seeking personal support for gout symptoms, causes, and diagnosis, please include as much relevant information as you can, including:

  • Family history
  • Test results
  • Current medications
  • What your doctor has said so far

You can select from a list of current gout symptoms and causes discussions, but please read the guidelines for the Gout Symptoms Forum first