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Does sex cure gout? If not, can I tell my wife it does anyway?

Does sex cure gout? If not, can I tell my lovely wife it does anyway? Any studies, credibly documented? or completely made up.. are welcome. 😉

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To me it’s important that husband and wife be frank and honest to each other to maintain a loving and caring relationship in which everything happens NATURALLY ? including SEX. Show love and concern to your lovely wife and I am sure she will reciprocate in a loving way. 😉 🙂

Gout & Sex: Next Steps

I was never sure if this discussion was meant to be taken seriously, but inevitably, the original discussion never achieved much. If you seriously want to discuss gout & sex, you need to be honest and open about your concerns. There are some serious issues that are relevant. Do you want me to prepare a complete guideline for sex and gout?