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    My doc called me back yesterday an advised all LFT's came back normal.  The only thing I can think of is that the weekend prior to my initial blood test I was out with some old college buddies two nights in a row on a bit of a bender.  Maybe the abnormal (even for me) alcohol intake sent the tests up.

    I was going to take your advice and remain on allopurinol no matter what the outcome of the LFT's were.  I just called the pharmacy and ordered up a 3 months supply.

    Trev and zip2play, thanks for your comments.  Between this forum and working with my doc I am hopeful to succesfully manage my gout. 

    I do think it is important to keep aware of your liver function tests and UA levels going forward.  If I didn't have the elevated LFT's I would not have been aware of the importance of my liver's health.  Going forward I will closely monitor my UA and LFT's as part of managing my gout.

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