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    Thank You for the reply. That sounds like a good explanation of the WBC count. It’s just I’ve never had a low WBC count or a gout attack so the combo and news of this is a bit concerning from my perspective as to if there may be some sort of underlying cause to bring all this on. I will discuss it with my doctor for further explanation but was just curious if anyone in the forum had heard of the two being connected. My thought is that the WBC attack the crystals formed in the joint so I would think that the WBC count would be much higher, but again I really have no idea. Anyways thank you for the reply and I will continue to research and hopefully a few tweaks in my diet will bring that number down. The problem is I don’t think my diet is very bad to begin with. I avoid dairy for the most part and limit breads. I don’t eat fast food very often. I do however eat red meat so I will cut back in that area and see if it helps.

    Take Care!

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