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    So far, 2 doctors (my general practitioner and a liver specialist) have told me that gout is a metabolic disorder and that my diet won't have a direct impact upon it, except that some foods and drinks may trigger a flare-up. I'm already a vegetarian and non-drinker, and they both agreed that telling a gout sufferer to “watch your diet” is like telling someone with diabetes to “watch their diet”. Diet can help/hinder the condition, but the disease cannot be “cured” without medical treatment AND watching for triggering foods and drinks. I was also told that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) needs to be reduced as much as possible because of my liver ailment (NASH) and my gout. Several recent studies have linked HFCS to these 2 conditions.

    I'll let you folks know how it works for me, but I just finished my 1st week on Allopurinol and my toes are sore! I will go in for lab work on 9/23 so I'll see what my SUA/liver enzymes/cholesterol are all at…

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