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    Bob Jones

    I had a very severe attack in my left foot and left knee a couple of weeks ago. I went for a few days pain-free, but now my right foot is feeling like an attack is starting. I had been favoring my left foot/knee/leg during the last attack, so I’m wondering if I should be walking or exercising on my gouty right foot to maybe keep this attack from getting as bad as the last one? I’m doing my normal uric acid-reduction (cherry juice, very little animal protein, fish oil pills) regimen right now.



    Hi Bob. I’m sure someone will answer your question soon. Hang in there. This forum is actually helpful. Paul.

    Ron Avery

    Hi Bob,

    Usually, exercising a joint during an attack is not advisable. It just increases the pain and can exacerbate the flare up.

    Do you know for sure that your “usual uric acid reduction regimen” is working ?

    What is your uric acid level? Are you taking any medication to reduce uric acid ? Are you taking and anti-inflamatories or pain killers to help deal with the pain ?

    All are important things to know in order for people here to help you.


    Keith Taylor

    Hi Bob,

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve been depressed for a few weeks, but out of it now.

    Special thanks to Paul and Ron for your comments. It’s nice to be among friends.

    I’d like to try and make a distinction between exercise and mobility. Exercise suggests a degree of effort, and possible strain. Stress and strain should be avoided, but mobility encourages blood flow, which can improve circulation. This gets more complicated if heart disease, angina, and other circulatory problems exist, so professional medical advice is vital.

    You need to find what works best for you, considering all aspects of your health and lifestyle. When I suffered from gout attacks, I found my best solution was to pop a couple of max-strength ibuprofen, and walk half a mile or so. In most cases, that got me walking comfortably. Stout footwear is best, to support foot joints.

    Some people say they can only bear slippers, or no footwear. That puts steady walking out of the equation, but swimming or other light exercise might be an option. As I say, it’s personal. I found that, if I gave up and stayed in bed, or slumped on the couch, the effected joints seemed worse than with gentle exercise (i.e. keeping mobile).

    Fundamentally, what is more important is to get uric acid under control. That means a reduction to below 5mg/dL. Lowering from 8 to 7 (or similar) is not going to change your gout in any significant way. I guess it might add a few months to your life, but what’s the point of that if you’re living in agony?

    Bob, every day that your uric acid is above 6 is another day of gout getting worse. You might not have a flare, but the uric acid crystals are slowly growing. First they hurt like you’re feeling now, then it gets worse. More joints are involved, and each attack becomes more intense, and lasts longer. Eventually, crystals form lumps beyond your joints. Skin is usually first to be broken, then kidneys, then heart. But everyone is different. It might be your eyes first.

    Best not to risk your organs, and do something about uric acid control today. If your normal uric acid reduction regimen really works, that is good. The only way you know is to test it. Get uric acid tests every month, and post the results here.

    Please, always remember that gout attacks and uric acid level are not directly related. The gout attacks you get today are from crystals that started to form last year, or earlier. The longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

    GoutPal HelpDesk

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