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    Hi everybody! I am 54 yer old male suffering from gout. My doctor told me that becuse of my unhealthy life stille Igot this disease. Now when i feel this pain I am really sorry becuse i had this unhealthy life. The pains I am having are very strong. At my last visit my doctor prescribed me NSAIDs for my pains. I am kind of worried about this drugs because I have been reading here : NSAIDs for gout?that it is possible to have side effects by using them. Can anyone tell me if you had any experiences with this medicine? Thank you


    I?don't suppose your doctor told you about all the people that have gotten Gout because they were put on a blood pressure med by a doctor.?That had a water pill in it called?HCTZ .?Anyone can get Gout so don't let him put that gulit trip on you.?Have you had your acid level tested ? Are you on Allopurinal??I'm a little scared of nsaids my self but?I do take 1 Colchicine pill twice a day to keep the pain down. I think most people can take nsaids without any real trouble. But?I have a couple of things going against me so?I don't really want to chance it. Good luck. Limpy


    I've found NSAIDs, Indomethacin in particular, to be moderately effective in controlling gout pain.? It takes the edge off but, for me, Colchicine works much better.


    spartanu said:

    ?I am kind of worried about this drugs because I have been reading here : NSAIDs for gout?that it is possible to have side effects by using them.

    You are right to be worried. You are looking in totally the wrong place for gout advice. What the gout doesn't harm, the bad advice will.

    Use the search box in the bar at the top of the screen. Read the forum guidelines. Ignore the fact that I'm crabby today, and come back with some decent questions.




    Get a new doctor. When doctors start blaming us it is usually ?a sign they need some treatment of their own…probably psychiatric.


    I'll agree, second opinion required.


    As has been outlined here in many places, hiding the symptoms does not cure the disease.? You need to act quickly to avoid further complications by either making a drastic lifestlye change or get on a medication. Something?that will control the high uric acid that manifests itself as Gout.??You'll thank yourself when you do.


    Finally found a treatment that works for me! UGH

    After suffering killer attacks for years I was also getting smaller attacks off and on. I have been to see doctors in the US including an orthopedic surgeon.
    I have done the colchicine dance and that was crazy with gout so bad in my knee that it wouldn’t bend. Those of you who have been there know what I am talking about with getting to the commode with a knee that doesn’t bend.
    I never got anything that I would consider treatment and my attacks would last for over a week at times. Missing work etc etc
    Walking around like some crazy person with no visible affliction other than a funky limp and a gimping look.

    Anyway, I am living in Peru at the moment and for most things, the doctors actually try to treat you and get you at least pain relief. Things are a bit fast and loose here so I am not saying its perfect. The doctors get paid by you and don’t answer to insurance companies and lawyers as much.
    I have been prescribed Dynastat which is made by Pfizer and it is also called parecoxib.
    Here they give you injections and it is not a big deal. They prescribed one a day for three days but imagine this – one injection kicks my gout right in the [email protected]@!
    For the first time since I had gout, I feel relief.
    I get an attack and then suffer for a moment or two and then get an injection in the bum. Literally, if I have an attack in the night or early am I can still plan on going out and being able to walk like a normal person in a few hours.

    This drug has not been FDA approved but I am packing several boxes back with me.
    I hope this doesn’t come off like I am some salesperson for the company (i am not)
    It’s just that I have spent hours and hours in the middle of the night searching online for something to give me relief. I have tried all kinds of home remedies too.
    I do believe you can get this drug if you live in Europe.

    If any of you know of any side effects or long term problems with this drug than let me know. For now i am enjoying relief for the first time in years.
    I never understood how a problem like gout could be so common and around for so long that i suffered so bad for its effects.
    Best of luck to you guys and if you live in a country where you can get Dynastat than i suggest you mention it to your doctor.
    I am on an ipad so sorry for any typos.


    Hello, @haoleboy. It’s nice to hear from you. Boy, have you been mistreated by your medical team! How do these people get away with it?
    “doctors in the US including an orthopedic surgeon” – gout should be easy to treat by a family doctor in straightforward cases. If not straightforward then a rheumatologist with gout experience is the only answer.

    “I have done the colchicine” – many doctors don’t understand colchicine. It works well to stop inflammation spreading, but you usually need anti-inflammatories as well, to take down the inflammation if it has already started. You might also need analgesic to block pain for a while. Colchicine should be avoided if you have any form of infection or any immune system weakness. It is best used to prevent flares during the early weeks of uric acid lowering treatment.

    “one injections kicks my gout right in the [email protected]@!” No! It has not kicked your gout anywhere. It has temporarily got rid of your pain. Your gout is still there, getting worse everyday.

    “This drug has not been FDA approved” Because of safety issues. The rejection is not clear, but revolve around safety issues. Pfizer haven’t pushed it since rejection in 2005. My guess is they make enough cash from alternatives, and there is nothing exceptional about parecoxib. (That’s medically speaking – I know it’s exceptional to you)

    “If any of you know of any side effects or long term problems with this drug than let me know.” The specific problems of parecoxib seem to relate to post-operative care, where the drug is usually targeted. There are side effects with all the common forms of pain relief prescribed for gout. They all revolve around gastro or cardio. The serious effects tend to increase with longterm use, and with age. That is why all gout pain relief should be seen as a temporary cover while you treat the real problem – excess uric acid.

    “For now i am enjoying relief for the first time in years” This is great news! I think it is very important that gout sufferers learn to take control. It’s fantastic that you can live your life without the threat of losing work, or just having those miserable, painful weeks of “a funky limp and a gimping look.”

    I find it incredible that anybody has to suffer gout pain in the modern world. Pain freedom is easy when you tackle it in the right way. It’s a heavyweight fight though. If you don’t smash it in round one, you are going to get a battering. You’ve found your way to take down gout pain. Just don’t forget that the gout pain heavyweight has a management team that’s going to find bigger and better fighters. Your parecoxib is protecting you now, and that is a very good thing. It tells you that you can control gout pain.

    Anyone can find ways to beat gout pain if they are serious about it. I learned from hospital nursing staff. The last thing they want is fat old men like me wailing in the night, so they really know their pain control. It’s a good feeling when you beat the pain, so I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you. There are thousands of similar options that do have FDA approval. Unfortunately you have been talking to the wrong people. Your quacks have hidden the good stuff from you. I don’t know why they should do that, but the stories on these forums tell me you are not alone.

    Now that you’ve found a way to stop gout pain, it’s time to think about stopping gout. Unless you get uric acid down to 5 or below, your gout is going to get worse. Eventually, the parecoxib will not be strong enough. What do you do then? There are certainly stronger options that will take the pain away. You can keep moving up the pain league with stronger pain relief to fight stronger gout. The trouble with that way is you die early.

    A better way is to remove gout completely before it destroys your joints and spreads to your organs. I have shared your joy at finding a way to control gout pain. I cannot describe how much better you feel when you control uric acid properly so you know you’ll never get gout pain again.

    If you need advice and help getting uric acid controlled so you never need pain relief, I’m always here.

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