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    I’m new, and I posted a question about Beano.? Not sure anyone has looked at it yet.

    Well, just wanted to drop by and mention that I got my Purixa in the mail, so I first did another UA test before I started it, which was at 7.4.? After a few weeks, I’ll do another UA test and see if the Purixa has helped.? I’m still eating healthy, drinking my tart cherry, lots of water, nonfat milk, etc.? Can’t start exercising again until my right knee gets better. If I move a certain way, it feels like broken glass is in it.


    Hello gout sufferers,

    I hope that no one on here thinks that I’m advertising stuff. I mentioned the Purixa on here because I found the ad that was about it. That’s how I found out about it. If this stuff helps me, then maybe it will help someone else.? It might also be good maintenance once a person gets their UA levels down. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered a second time from them because I’m going to take it twice a day.


    It’s absolutely fine to talk about PURIXA or any other gout products here. In fact, that is exactly what I want people to do.

    I always maintain that everyone has different reactions, so what suits one person might not suit another. Having said that, we can all learn from the experiences of other gout sufferers.

    What you are doing is exactly what I want to see – real results from a gut sufferer.

    I recommend testing after you have taken PURIXA every day for two weeks. As I mentioned in your other thread, test results can vary, so it would be nice to see a range of tests. I hope you can keep coming back to update us all with your test results.


    Thanks, Keith.? I was going to test next Friday.? I didn’t really know what to do with that.? My thought was that it needs some time to work on me.? I can test this week, though.? Basically I’ve been pretty ill since mid-Dec.? Except on Monday and Tuesday, I felt like a new person. That day my husband and I walked about 15 minutes, and then on Tues., after we walked, I came in the house and got on my elliptical machine and worked out 5 minutes on it.? I know that isn’t long, but that thing really does work you.? And walking for 15 minutes is a major breakthrough for me since I hurt my hip several years ago.

    Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well.? It has been around 80 degrees here where I live, and then yesterday we had thunderstorms and it got cooler, in the 40’s and 30’s. For some reason, the cold hurts me with this gout.? But today I do feel a ton better.


    Greetings all gout sufferers,

    I wanted to post an update about Purixa. So far this product is helping me so much. I started on 4/5 and started on one time a day for about a week.? Wish that I had the date logged when I upped it up to twice a day, but I was busy and didn’t think about it.? I’m going to have to get used to keeping a log of what I’m doing.

    But after about a week, I then started twice a day, and on Friday of last week, I upped it to three times a day. I had started feeling even better on twice a day, and then I considered my weight and thought, hey, I’ll do it three times per day. That was the charm for me.? I was feeling much better on twice, but three is working good for me right now.? I’m no longer aching at nighttime. Before I started on more of the product, I was aching at night like I had the flu, although I didn’t have the flu.? It was this gout stuff.? And some crystals were probably breaking up.? I’m convinced 100 percent that the Purixa is a must for anyone if they are not allergic to milk. I have mixed it in nonfat milk, and it’s good.? I’ve mixed it in my tart cherry juice concentrate, and it’s good. Mostly I just mix it in my water.

    Here’s a problem that I’m having, and it’s not with the Purixa. We had bought an EasyTouch UA monitor.? Last Friday I had tried in the morning to do my UA reading, but it gave me a 14.? I knew that was way too high because I was feeling so good.? Then waiting five minutes, stuck in a new test strip, and it says 3.3.? So we have some troubleshooting to do with it and just haven’t had the time to figure out what’s going on yet.

    Anyway, another thing about Purixa is this, and I’m so sure it has helped me with this.? I’m now exercising.? I haven’t been able to walk any distance for years. I think it was in 2007 or 2008 that I hurt my hip when I fell.? If I’d walk even five minutes, it would stiffen up and just kill me.? Now I can walk about 15 through 20 minutes and no problem.? Then after our walk, I come in and work out on my elliptical for another five minutes and do a five-minute cooldown.

    One more thing if you guys should try this product.? I notice only one strange comment at Amazon where someone said that theirs didn’t come with a scoop.? Well, consider that when this product is mailed, the scoop may be at the bottom of the container.? I knew that would probably happen, so I stuck a spoon in it and found my scoop.? It’s just going to get jiggled around in the mailing process.

    Besides the Pruixa, I’m drinking my water, about four cups or a little more of nonfat milk per day, my cherry juice and cutting out most meat.? I do occasionally eat a little bit of chicken. Sometimes I have a cup of green tea.? Then I have two cups of coffee in the morning.? I plan on giving blood as soon as I can find out the info that I need to know.

    Now if I can just get my monitor to work.





    Please keep us updated on the PURIXA. Sorry, you can’t add comments yet in my Gout Store page on PURIXA – I’m still working out how to let people comment on products, so best to use the gout resources forum here.

    As for the monitor, whilst there is always the possibility it’s faulty, the usual cause is lack of consistency. Personally, I found it took a few tests before I got into a good routine. It’s a matter of keeping everything consistent, especially :

    • same time of day
    • same blood drop size
    • clean hands

    Might be better to start a new topic, and describe exactly what you do now.



    what is in PURIXA?? What are the active ingredients?

    (Never take any “alternative” unless you know what it is.)


    PURIXA has been around a while, and Bob, the PURIXA creator, writes occasional articles for my website.

    You probably know that I am firmly in the allopurinol camp, but I do not mind working with open-minded people about alternatives. In this case, I can see that the active ingredients all have uric acid lowering properties. Whether it is enough will vary from one person to the next, so uric acid testing is just as important as it is with allopurinol.

    We all have our own reasons for choosing different ways of treating gout. I’m looking forward to some follow-up uric acid values, if tizawiza77 can get some consistent readings. I can almost hear my good friends thoughts on this, but I’ll leave it for zip2play to suggest that there is an easier way. 🙂


    So, it’s milk protein, 200 mg.vitamin C, resveratrol, and grreen tea.

    I hope it’s cheaper than buying the stuff individually from Puritan Pride and washing it down with milk.

    Any studies showing effectiveness? It’s obviously safe.


    I don’t know of any studies, but I hope individuals, especially the OP here, will share their PURIXA experience.

    Personally, I’ll take the milk protein from skim milk, the vitamin C from food, the resveratrol from red wine, and the green tea from, er …, green tea.

    Paul West

    hello just thought i”d tell you how im doing on purixa.In march had gout attack and uric acid level 8.4,started 1 glass of purixa a day felt less stiff but using easy touch test meter my uric acid seemed to be going between 8 and 9.4.during may i started 2 glasses a day ,i felt the same less stiff but my uric acid was 8 but weekly levels seemed to be less erratic,during july still on 2 glasses a day my readings were around 7.9 and steady around that figure.Now in august my weekly readings have started to be 6.9to 7.1and still more stable.when i do a average uric acid level for may it was 8.6,and the latest 5 weekly readings is 7.4. it is still higher than i need to be but over a few months the average has dropped well over 1.hopefully the steady drop will continue over the next couple of months so i can get an average 6 or bellow,i will keep you posted!!!! ps i test same day same time of day and find easy touch meter a good tool to monitor uric acid trends.


    Thank you for reporting your results of the effects of Purixa on uric acid. I look forward to seeing your next results.


    I am almost finished with my first bottle of Purixa. I have only been taking one scoop a day for this first bottle and it seems to be helping. I have had constant pains in the toes and achy legs and Purixa seems to be helping a lot with that. Looking forward to see the results after the second bottle.

    Keith Taylor

    Hi @bhen
    Great news that Purixa is helping you. Are you monitoring uric acid levels, or keeping a gout pain record, or just relying on how you feel?

    That’s the first time I’ve thought about a gout pain record for a long time. Basically, you make a record each day on the scale of the pain that you feel. Then you can compare your average before treatment with your average after.

    I once thought about providing a form you could use to keep pain score records. Is anyone interested in that?

    paul west

    hello there again,just an update because i havent been on for a while.I was taking purixa and celery seed and that seemed to deal with the symptoms fine,not much pain just a numbness in wrist.I had always planned to treat the cause but i have always had a great fear of taking alopurinol.But then i stummbled across on the internet about 2 men both who used celery seed to help with symptoms but when they reached there twilight years had found celery just masked what was going on and it had made the situation worse..So i had a new doctor and i had the blood tests…..when i phoned up for results i was told they were satisfactory!!!!!!.I had a visit with my new doctor and he said YES your uric acid is raised and did i suffer gout pain etc.When i told him that i have been dealing with it for many years he nearly fell off his chair,he also said did i take a lot of painkillers as kidneys were not 100%.any way he then said you are going on alopurinol(that told me) he also said he is going to monitor my kidneys carefully.he asked me what i did to try and control the pain and i said cekery purixa lemon and he turned the computer screen round and showed me my blod uric acid was the sane reading as 4 years ago and we both laughed.So here we are i am hyperventakating every time i think i have a side effect of alopurinol but i am taking it 10 days so far slight twinges in wrists newest gout so something is happening.The drug does make me tired so i am going to take the drug an hour later every day so i can take it at midnight so i can work and take it on way home.We will see if i can stay on it and if i cant so be it i tried:) if i cant ill just deal with it as before and hope i dont get many attacks,i hope this is usefull for people considering alternative means for controling gout just be carfull because before you know it youll bee 80 and finding it difficult to fight it take care people.

    Keith Taylor

    Hi Paul, nice to read your latest thoughts and experiences.

    I hope other gout sufferers heed your wisdom, Paul.

    What works for one person, might not work for another, but whether it’s Purixa, celery seed, lemon, allopurinol, or something else, you must monitor uric acid and other vitals.

    1. Every gout sufferer should get blood tests for uric acid, kidney function and liver function, at least once a year.

    2. Every gout sufferer should know the scale that their doctor uses for uric acid test results: mg/dL, μmol/L, or mmol/L.

    3. Every gout sufferer should make sure uric acid never gets higher than 5mg/dL, 300μmol/L, or 0.30mmol/L

    Of course, I would also like every gout sufferer to record and track their uric acid blood test results in their Personal Gout Profile. My 3 points should become law everywhere. This last point is optional.

    As Paul says, people: do it now, because at 80 you will really struggle to control your gout if you don’t act now.

    Dorian Kramer

    So I have two concerns with purixa the first is I contacted them to find out about the dosage of resveratrol in their product and how they determined an effective dose. That was over a week ago, no response. Compare that to contacting a major herbal company that exports out of Taiwan to find out how they test for the same substance in their powdered herbs, personal response in 24 hours. The second is contained in articles about whole food sources of casein vs. extracted, and the links to a host of potential issues including cancer

    Ron Avery


    Can you provide links to these articles ?

    Dorian Kramer

    this was the article that mentions it, though re-reading it I see that I may have made an error and that the links may not be directly to extracted casein vs natural sources, though from what I practice, I have often seen that there tend to be more side effects from an isolated substance than say from a whole source. The reverse to that is the advantage is specific and more controllable dosing

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