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    I was diagnosed with acute gout about a month ago (3/15). It wasn't my first attack, but it was the first to cause me to miss 3 days of work. The first times I just took some ibuprofen and everything worked out fine. After seeing the doctor, she gave me indomethacin and the next night I was able to go walk around at a decent pace. I did some checking around on-line and saw it could take a week or two till i was walking normal again. I can walk at a relaxing speed just fine but when i start to speed up or run, it becomes pretty uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and causes a limp. It's a struggle for me to stand on my toes on the foot that was targeted. I don't know where to go with this. The medication was a 1 week supply only and I'm just wondering if i should give it more time or if I should go back to the doctor (who had told me was onset by beer and seafood, neither of which i had for months prior to the attack, so I don't know if I should trust her understanding/knowledge of the disease).

    I'm a 22y/o who loves to play paintball and has been trying to get in a state of better health. I am losing weight and I read something on another forum post that because of the way uric acid is produced, losing weight will worsen the gout but will ultimately help at a more suitable/stable weight. This leads me to wonder if the pain I'm feeling is because of losing weight, maybe still taking in too much purine-rich foods (which I have been watching carefully), have a tophi build up (which I don't know much about), or if I just need to give it more time to work out. Most of what I've been doing to lose weight is to walk everywhere, and I work in a factory in which 9 of my 10 hours a night is constant moving.

    I know I'm probably going to get the obvious answer of check with a doctor or find a specialized foot doctor to get it checked out, but I was just checking to see if anyone had a clue or had some previous experience that they could toss out there for me that might put me in the right direction.


    Sorry if I was in the wrong section, I didn't realize it until it was already posted.


    Do not worry too much about the section – part of your question is diet related, and this is as good a section as any.

    Starting at the end of your post, if you are seeking a specialist, go for a rheumatologist rather than a foot doctor. Gout often starts in the foot, but will eventually spread to just about every joint if left unchecked.

    It is vital to find a doctor who takes managing uric acid seriously. You need to know your level, and have a plan to reduce it below 6mg/dL. Maybe your current doctor can do this, but if you do not get a positive response then it is probably best to find a rheumatologist. This is vital whether you choose control by medication, or diet – you need to know where you stand now, and whether your weight loss is helping or not.

    Everyone has a right to their opinions on beer and seafood, just as you have a right to ignore them. Such opinions (or any other guesses about your specific gout management program) mean little unless they are backed up by frequent uric acid monitoring.



    Meanwhile, you could consider trying black bean broth.  It worked very well for me in relieving my gout pains and perhaps it could work for you too.  For more information go to “Black Bean Cure for Gout” under the topic “Gout Cures“.



    You're at the tough stage. Just diagnosed, infrequent attacks that are not too terrible. (Terrible is trying to get to the bathroom without having your infected foot TOUCH anything…crawling on knees with one foot elevated.)

    You naturally do not want to commit to a life of drugs until absolutely forced to do so. We've all been there.

    So, get a larger supply of indomethacin…it is very cheap and works well. A better alternative is colchicine for acute attacks but if the indomethacin works, stay with it. (I HATE doctors who give a week's supply of a drug to guarantee a RETURN visit and fee.)

    Work your diet although it's effect on gout is slight…avoid the beer, substitute hard liquor, eat more veg and less meat and fish, especially SMALL fish. Avoid organ meats, consommes and gravies. BUT be aware that thesemethods PROBABLY will have only a slight effect on what is basically a metabolic condition.

    As GoutPal said, control your uric acid to 6 mg./dL. What was the reading from your diagnostic visit. If your doctor didn't measure it, get another doctor.

    If all fails, allopurinol will ride in on a white horse and save the day!

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