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    Keith F.

    I have gout in my left toe. I found it extremely painful when sock, pant leg or bed sheet would rub against the swollen area. I noticed that applying pressure with the palm of my hand would ease the pain but obviously I can’t walk around holding my gout. I tried placing a big Band-Aid over the area to relieve the rubbing, but that didn’t work so well in a sock and shoe. I looked around for something else I could use and found a 3M Tegaderm Transparent Film (purchased from a local drug store). I put it on the area of my toe that hurt the most (side) from exposure to things touching it and I couldn’t believe the instant relief from normal pain associated with gout. I rubbed the film with my finger and didn’t feel that sharp, needle like pain. I put a sock on and didn’t feel anything. I put a shoe on and was able to walk, with minor pain from swelling, but nothing like I was experiencing five minutes before. I still have the gout, going on ten days now, but the pain from something touching or rubbing on it is no longer an issue. Small victory!

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