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    Over the last 5 years I have had a few  gout attacks and usually take painkillers (diclofenac,indometicin). The latest ones seem to be in the tendons and soft tissue in the ankle area, it even feels like the muscles are being affected. The pain can move from hour to hour (back of ankle to foot, top of foot to shin etc). They are usually brought on by strenous exercise.

    Is this gout? It definately feels like it?

    I'm 46 years old, male, 5ft 11in, 13 and 1/2 stone. I exercise regularly and take cod liver oil capsules. I also drink plenty of water. 


    I was prescribed painkillers whenever I had gout attacks and they helped to relieve my pain. However, the gout attacks recurred very often.  It was after I started taking black bean broth that I am now able to keep my gout attacks at bay. 

    I have learnt quite a lot from this Forum ever since I made my post on “Black bean cure for gout” (a topic under “Gout Cures”). Black bean broth worked very well for me and my relatives and friends as it is very effective in relieving pain and inflammation.  However after reading all the ideas, knowledge, information and suggestings shared by fellow Gout Pal members I have learnt that in order to manage our gout problems more effectively it is very important to check the uric acid levels in our blood and to take measures to lower it if it's too high. 

    I still believe that black bean broth is very effective in relieving gout pains and inflammation but not a cure for gout.



    Once you have gout you can never be sure about your aches and pains. Some are classic and easy to call but many are borderline. Remember, just becasue we have gout there is no reason that we can't sprain an ankle like the next guy. Worse we can have gouty aggravation of an actual injury.

    My test is to take a couple colchicine which is quite specific for gout. If it quickly eases the pain it was gout, if not, NOT!

    Ankles are a VERY likely attack point for gout. In fact I had several ankle and instep attacks that were baffling months before I had THE BIG ONE…podagra from Hell in the big toe. THEN I knew.

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