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    Hi everyone,my name is steve.I am 46, and I have been suffering with gout for about 5 years. Lately, the attacks have been more severe. To the extent that they have been affecting my work[firefighter].

    I lead quite a stressful life[3 kids], carrying a bit of weight, like a drink and enjoy my food. So is my life as I know it over?

    I really need advice.

    I have started taking cider vinegar, cherry concentrate, and celery seed tablets. Still early days only been taking them for three days but still need to know can I carry on my normal way of living [food and drink]. Or do I need to change drastically.thanks for listening.


    Every day that you spend with high uric acid levels is another day spent increasing uric acid crystals.

    Some days you might not notice. Other days you get  the gout flare wth a few days agony. Most days are somewhere in between – a little numbness or stiffness, but you just work through those.

    Gradually, uric acid crystals increase, and each gout attack becomes worse. Every year, the number of gout attacks increase.

    If you are really strict, cut out all alcohol and reduce your weight to low-normal BMI, then you might be able to maintain your uric acid below 6.8mg/dL. You must get frequent uric acid tests to check this. You cannot rely on pain control, as even painfree days with high uric acid levels are just days that will lead to severe pain in future.

    Whilst cider vinegar, cherry concentrate and celery seeds will do you no harm, they are unlikely to reduce uric acid levels enough to make a difference.

    Only a doctor with access to your medical records and the ability to perform a thorough medical check can be certain, but everything you say tells me that you need proper treatment to lower your uric acid. That way you can live a normal life.



    For most of us, the “cure” is a life on daily allopurinol. Has your doctor put you on it yet…blissfully, it is among the cheapest drugs.

    Have you taken  or are you currently taking any blood pressure medications, specifially anything containing a diuretic (like thiazide or Lasix?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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