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    I have a question I need to be answered please.

    1– Is the cherry jam have the same effect of cherry juice?
    2– Does cherry (whatever jam or juice) have a huge effect on gout?

    And thnx for this wonderful site! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tart Cherry Jam for Gout
    Tart Cherry Jam for Gout

    Zied- Cherries have a long history in Gout treatment. I like them but never noticed any real improvement, tbh.

    I can recommend Black Bean Broth as helpful in the early stages of attacks [Recipe on here- if you search the big post by Metamorph]

    In the end VERY strict diet & lifestyle chioces &/OR Meds are the only ways to get a grip before long term damage gets done by Hyperuricemia- in the gout prevalent individual.

    Then, treatment is even harder to do, due to aging organs, drug sensitivities etc.


    thnx very much TREV

    i will take ur advice – and i suggest a genger root as a good elements in gout treatment, u can take ginger and put it in warm water for 5-6 hours and then drink a one glass daily , that surly decrease ua , or u can use fig as a old recomended for gout treatment . fig is mentiond in our holly qurran (islamic holly book)

    thank u ver much for ur sharing



    Dietary treatment of gout is very rarely effective. Before the discovery of allopurinol, people with gout suffered a great deal and died earlier than they needed to usually from destroyed kidneys.

    Lots of nostrums, mostly useless, were touted as being helpful and cherries were among them. Before 1950 there was nothing except colchicine and 16 or more aspirin a day available to treat gout pain. Neither of these EFFECTIVE treatments could be used indefinitely.

    So yes, cherry jam is as useful as the juice. Jam is as DELICIOUS as the juice but neither is the proper or effective way to treat gout. As chance would have iit, this morning my toast will be spread with HERO BLACK CHERRY PRESERVES…yummy as all get out!

    PERHAPS the most effective dietary regimen is no meat, no legumes, and all protein only from dairy, but this is not for mere mortals or people who want any enjoyment from life.

    (I have often wonder what the “cherry cure” stories have done for cherry sales???Wink)


    I just ate a handful of dried tart cherries and I love those things. I don't know if they help my gout, but they sure don't hurt and I love 'em!

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