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    A while ago I related my interest in a long ago brochure I sent for. I manggled my back in 1973 and have searched and tried several regimens, “The Good, The Bad and The UGLY”

    I wrote for a brochure to a Michael R. Rask, Professor of Neurology and Orthopedic Surgery back in 1987.

    Fortunately I found a reprint online…you have no idea how bad is my scanning tequnique so I am glad I can just put in a link.

    It's fascinating. I have no idea how true or valuable but it seems to point to a connection between bad backs and uric acid.

    Judge for yourself:

    This represents just a summary of the studies presented in the 1987 brochure, but the gist of the argument is there. I am presuming that Dr. Rask has died. Any questions and I'll amplify based on the brochure studies.


    I'm sure your scanning technique cannot be any worse than the contributor to –…../index.htm

    It is also available (similar quality) in a pdf file.


    Thanks GP,

    I had to laugh becasue that is a somewhat newer one than mine. The .pdf starts with Colchicine Use in 6000 patients and my brochure in entitled COLCHICINE USE IN 3000 PATIENTS WITH DISKAL (AND OTHER) SPINAL DISORDERS.

    Aha, mine was dated Oct., 1985 and the .pdf was Dec., 1989.

    He sounds like he was a busy man those 4 years, and probably rich as Croesus.


    Thank you for this article.  It completely describes what is happening to me.  I am 36 and I have had gout attacks in the past since I was 26, but then a new phenomenon hit me this year.  It felt like a pinched nerve in my lower back, kind of like the pain when you give too many “piggy back rides” to children, which is what I did.  Then a shooting nerve sensation would go from my lower back to my left but cheek, then all the way down to my leg and end around the calf.  I was like WTF?  So I thought it would go away after a couple of days, and it's been now 3 weeks and it's still there.  This is serious.  And like many clever dummies I am on the internet looking for answers instead of going to see a doctor about this. 

    So thanks again for the article, I have what is called Sciatic Nerve sympthoms, which is either a herniated disk or crystaline deposits around the herniated disk.  I will now take some Colchicine and hopefully this goes away soon.  I will let you know the results.


    Colchicine manages pain.

    You need to lower uric acid levels to get rid of the crystal deposits.


    Let us know if the oral colchicine has any effect on the sciatica. How are you going to take it…how much, how long?


    SPAMMERS are such a pain in the ass.


    (Although I did like the lush Mary Jane plant.)


    zip2play said:

    SPAMMERS are such a pain in the ass.

    You think colchicine works for them too? Laugh

    Interesting study. Hadn't seen it before now.?

    For trigger point injections read acupuncture: low back pain is one of the few conditions that Western medicine acknowledges acupuncture is effective for. I treat a lot of it (& sciatica) quite successfully in my clinic. Depends on the severity of prolapse though.

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