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    Noticed a difference in H's blood pressure of 10mm/hg both for systolic & diastolic last few days. He is normally well controlled with a BP of around 125/85.  As he has small vessel disease in the brain & a history of mini-strokes so its mportant to keep it low.

    We have noticed a sudden, out of character increase to approx. 140/92 dropping to 130/92 in morning.

    I have been mystified by this & wondering & prayed – which part of his dietry change, nutritional supps etc could have caused this?

    This morning think I had a “eurika” moment!  All this extra water?  Hoping not as I've learned here that it helps to excrete UA.

    I have posted this as a new topic merely to alert to possibility & to advise monitering of BP if drinking copious amounts of water.

    I found this link which suggests it can in fact have the effect of increasing blood pressure especially in older folk but not as likely in younger.  I think it's something to do with the body not being as efficient at homeostasis in older people.

    BTW If anyone considers home monitoring (another monitor!!!) the electronic sort are useless in my experience & need a proper medical mercury/stethoscope, which are not so easy to use for most people.  At least worth monitoring at doc's surgery, I would imagine, here in England anyway that the practice nurse would be happy to monitor regularly on request.…..0037nt742/

    (open the adobe pdf review)


    I think the most common risk is flushing out minerals and possibly affecting food absorbing- but I wouldn't be surprised if transient Hi BPs weren't possible. I take diuretics so they act on fluid volume- precisely to reduce blood volume and thus able to trigger gout in the extremities.

    From my studies on water it seems that low water intake can actually lead to water storage as your bodies automatic defence, but when you 'top up' I suppose it takes time for adjustment.

    Apparently it's possible to get intoxicated on water overdose and it can cause death in cases of drug abuse, like Ecstacy.These are large amounts,though.

    I believe water intake can assist UA excretion- but the Urate needs to be 'mobile' to do this, hence my trial on Goutcure- which is supposed to help this.

    My  direct experience is  fluid retention being caused by alcohol intake which is in accordance with my 2nd comment above -but alcohol drives up BP anyway and clouds the issue, esp. if on meds.

    Finally, in us oldies- you're right -these things always take longer Frown

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