Coffee And Gout Chart

I prepared this chart of coffee consumption and the risks of gout from the data presented in my coffee and gout study review. That link reveals my thoughts about the gout study, and here I will describe the chart of the results.

Coffee And Gout Chart Results

See the coffee and gout spreadsheet for the numbers. The different rates of falling gout incidence are interesting, and I wanted to show the inverse rising coffee consumption with something more attractive than a simple chart column. Hence, I pasted in some coffee images.

Coffee And Gout Chart Coffee Images

What started as a simple search for a photograph of a cup of coffee turned into an exciting voyage of discovery. This is personal, and has no association with gout that I know of. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the coffee cup photographer.

First, let’s get the legal stuff out of the way. That coffee cup photograph belongs to Jason Webber. He has been kind to allow me to use the photograph, and I thank him for that. You can see the full size coffee cup photograph on morgueFile, together with the copyright details. If you use his photograph, or my derivative, please acknowledge his ownership.

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