My, soon to be launched, free Gout Diet Plan, is nearly complete now.
I’ve been busy preparing tables on – not that my plan is about measuring all food and living by a calculator – I just like to have basic food information handy as it helps with choices.

When I’ve been collecting the data for these tables I’ve often wondered why it is that some people look for food that will help their gout, but most appear to be looking for food to avoid. These types of questions are quite important to how you try to manage gout. Do you look for negatives to avoid, or do you look for positives that will help you?

Understand Gout Diet Plan better with the Gout Diet guidelines


    • Sorry Jim, it’s not that simple.

      No individual food makes that much difference – you need to judge the whole diet, your height and weight, and also consider what your uric acid level is, and how long you have had gout.

      Why not raise this in the gout diet forum, with some more details about yourself, and we can discuss some specific ways to improve your gout.

  • Marlene Laudermilk

    I am having my second attack in four months. I have been eating some foods in moderation, like my doctor recommended. It did not help. Now I’m not eating anything from the avoid foods list. I am going to start an exercise regiment, and drink lots of water. We will see if that helps. I refuse to live with this excruciating pain for the rest of my like. I am only 53 years old, and I love dancing.  I get the gout in my elbows and feet. The one in the elbow is not as bad. The in in the feet is unbearable. I take Indomethacin and use ice packs, which helps a little, but I feel like i NEED SOMETHING STRONGER for this pain.

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