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    Do I Start Allopurinol or Go Teetotal?

    Hi there.

    I’ve had gout attacks infrequently for about 20 years. Some have been mild, so it took a long time to diagnose, and my uric acid always came back as “high end of normal”. But some bad attacks were classic gout. I’ve changed my diet to mainly plant-based, and I’ve had one attack per year for the last three years. Most recent one was pretty bad, and the doc has strongly recommended the allopurinol.
    My most recent UA levels have been 490-510 micro mol/l, which is about 8.5 mg/dl.
    The only other thing I could try is to go teetotal. I don’t drink most days, will have maybe three glasses of wine a day over the weekend. Plus the occasional night out with work. I don’t drink spirits, and beer only very rarely.

    Any thoughts, folks?



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