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    Irma Reitz

    I’ve just got results back from Uric acid test. .30. I’m so chuffed that it is now in the safe level. I have also just restarted the carnivore diet, which really helps my inflammation.

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    Irma Reitz

    Thanks Nobody! I appreciate your input. At this stage I’m not sure if the pain is gout or arthritis so I’ll get the Uric acid tests done more often so that I can evaluate uric acid levels but for now I will just continue with the prescribed meds.

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    Irma Reitz

    I will take your advise regarding the tests before I do anything more. Problem is my pain is really getting me down as I find it difficult to walk because of the pain. Today is especially painful. I am really disappointed and feel very discouraged since doc changed my meds (I was on diclofenac 100mg twice daily) as I really thought the new meds would help.

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    Irma Reitz

    Thanks – I quite agree. Using the Uric Acid Chart to compare. My Uric acid is .36 (6-7) which is in the Warning Zone. I have been taking 100gm Allopurinol for several years but it seems that I should increase the dose to bring the urid acid level down to below 5. At this stage I have increased the quantity of water I drink after reading Keith’s blog on that and I have found an immediate relief in my pain level.

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    Irma Reitz

    Hi Keith,

    I apologize for replying on the forum ,but I cannot send email at present.

    Thanks for your emails. I did try to reply but for some reason the anti spam??thingy?? would not allow the email to send.

    I have decided to go back onto Allopurinol and have been taking 100 mg daily again, because I have been in a lot of pain. Because I am unhappy with having to argue with my doc I have also just decided to take my health into my own hands and self medicate and try to manage the pain on my own.
    I live in a very small town and there are not many medical people available. After waiting 6 months I eventually got an appointment with a neurologist in the city. She has put me on Cymbalta 30 (Duloxetine) once a day and VIMOVO® (naproxen and esomeprazole magnesium) twice a day. And as I mentioned she told me to stop Purinol as my Uric acid was normal !! and doubted that it would add value!! Anyway I have lost faith in the medical profession.

    Thank you again for your response and also thank you so much for your two sites which are amazingly helpful.

    Kind regards


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    Keith Taylor wrote:

    Hi Irma,

    I hope you got my help desk message. If not, please check your spam and also whitelist [email protected]. Or maybe this is your answer to my question about stopping allopurinol. If it was just a temporary stop, then that’s OK. But I will remain worried if you’ve been advised to stop allopurinol permanently without good reason.

    Anyway, apologies to other readers for that private exchange. I’ll get back to the issue.

    Doctors often stop treatments before blood tests if they are reviewing how the case is being managed. The idea is to get a fresh start by removing any complications caused by existing treatments before creating a new management plan. When I’ve spoken to people about this before, they’ve mentioned one or two weeks treatment-free before retesting blood. But that might depend on the drugs involved.

    Allopurinol is soon eliminated from our bodies. But before elimination most of it changes to oxypurinol. Now oxypurinol lasts longer. But any remaining effects should be gone after three days. Since half of it is eliminated in 30 hours. Allopurinol has relatively short half-life in plasma (2–3 h), whereas the half-life of oxypurinol is much longer (14–30 h) due to renal reabsorption (Pea,. 2005).

    As nobody says, this is something that your doctor needs to explain. Because we are all in the dark about any potential change in your treatment. Also, I agree with his remarks about regular testing while taking allopurinol as normal. Otherwise, you cannot tell if your allopurinol dose is right.

    I always worry when doctors start talking about withdrawing allopurinol without good reason. I’m oversensitive on this issue. Because I’ve seen too many friends have their later years ruined by illogical ill-informed allopurinol cessation.

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