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    What a fantastic website!! I’ve learnt more in the ten minutes reading through this forum than I have from doctors and trawling the internet.

    I’ve been suffering with gout for a few years. Flare ups usually occurred in both hands and the wrists, but I’ve also had them in my shoulders and two excruciating episodes in my big toes.

    I was finally prescribed Allipurinol (minimum dose), but I did still keep getting flare ups, so my dosage was doubled in April last year. A week after I started on my new dosage I had flare ups in both my wrists at the same time!

    Since then I’ve had other flare ups, but they’ve not been as painful as before, and they don’t last as long. So, having read through some of the posts on this site, that is due to old Uric Acid crystals settling in my joints? If that is the case, and if Allipurinol stops new UA crystals forming then what I eat and drink shouldn’t have any effect on the gout, or have I misunderstood the contents of the posts. Obviously, I’ve not read all the posts yet!

    If that isn’t the case, then is there any way of finding out what foods trigger one’s gout i.e. how long after you’ve consumed the food/drink does the flare up start?

    Another question is, is it worth getting a UA meter?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who would like to answer my questions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)