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      Prior to today:
      Missed gout diagnosis by GP, could have been caught in 2015
      I had a history of foot toe pain, and had developed the Tophus on my
      right foot 2nd toe.
      Uric acid level November 2015 530 (range in BC 234-430)

      Saw Rheumatologist for the first time November 2016 referred for general arthritic and
      pain from pinched nerves in spine, no uric levels taken.

      Happened to mention pain in foot and the lumps on toe during follow up visit, Dr took one look at the gout and put me on Allopurinol and Colchicine, early Feb 2017.

      Blood work April 5 2017: 579 (234 – 430)
      Dr upped the Allopurinol to 200mg, still 0.6mg Colchicine
      I was OK for the first few weeks, then started to get a little light headed,
      nearly fainted a few times.

      Blood work May 9 2017 370umol/L (234 – 430),Dr visit May 16 2017.
      Dr decreased the Allopurinol, he was not sure other meds would work for me
      discontinued Colchicine. I have pain in feet and knees. Prescribed Celebrex.

      In the days after the Dr visit the dizzyness became worse.

      May 25 2017
      Very dizzy, only with extreme concentration am I able to function.
      Had stomach pain bad yesterday, better today. May have a little blood in stool,
      will monitor that closely. Having weight gain, which is a drag as I had lost 25 Lbs since December 2016, am now at 177Lbs.


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      May 26
      100mg Allopurinol, took Naproxen plus marijuana injested and topical…pain
      in knees really bad..really dizzy

      May 27
      100mg Allopurinol, marijuana
      extremely dizzy on awakening, (no not from marijuana)
      Barely functioning today…
      Going to cut pill dose to 50mg…probably will stop all together
      I am beginning to think that I am not going to be able to take gout meds
      will have to find a different way…that is so like me…

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      Depending on what causes the allopurinol side-effect, it might take a few days to go away completely after you stop taking it or reduce the dose.
      And while marijuana alone may not make you dizzy, it could be that the combination of allopurinol and marijuana is the problem (assuming you didn’t already try staying clear of marijuana a couple of days).

      There are alternatives to allopurinol so don’t give up until you’ve tried them!

      I’m assuming 100mg colchicine is a typo by the way.

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      corrected Colchicine amount…amazing what a fuzzy brain does…

      Off the Allopurinol…
      Monitoring how I am on marijuana re dizzy etc…
      definitely need a break from these drugs

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