I am putting together some new articles on gout in unusual joints, and I’m looking for experiences from people who have had gout attacks in the shoulder.

The common view of gout is that it is confined to the big toe. However, I know from many sources that this is not true, including my own experiences.

I have also done a survey of over 4000 visitors to GoutPal, and the big toe is not the most common joint affected. I will publish those results soon, and I want to support that with experiences of people with gout in other joints.

Starting with the shoulder, often the clavicle, I am keen to learn if you had any difficulty getting the condition recognized.

If you were given a diagnosis of shoulder gout, did you get it treated effectively? Did you require surgery?

… gout has also been known to make its first appearance in the ankles, hands, amd shoulders. Gout can be deceiving because attacks are sometimes separated by long periods …


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Interestingly, I have noticed that, with the advances in ultrasound, MRI, and other imaging processes, there are several reports of gout-induced shoulder damage. This does not help us much at the moment, because, by the time the shoulder problems show up on most imaging equipment, the damage has been done, and the shoulder joints are damaged. Medical literature has many cases of gout in the shoulder, but it is far from common. I guess in many cases, it does not get reported, because medical personnel have not recognized it as gout.

If you have any experience of gout in your shoulder, please share your questions, opinions, and experiences in the gout forum.

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  • rdg

    Have been a gout sufferer for 6 or 7 years now. Take Colcrys .5mg b.i.d. for approximately last 3 yrs. Had a prior history of a torn labrum but never had surgery for it.

    One day about 2 years ago, I developed a very rapid onset high-level pain in the back of my left shoulder. It was to the point that I needed to bend my elbow and keep my arm against my body to stand the pain. Hitting just the tiniest bump in the car sent me through the roof.

    I eventually saw the same orthopedist who had seen me for prior shoulder problems. He took an x-ray and came back in the exam room, posted the x-ray on the viewer and stared at it for awhile. He told me he couldn’t find anything wrong. He asked me if I were taking any medications. I told him about the Colcrys, and he finally made a diagnosis of gout. He prescribed Meloxicam and it resolved in a few days.

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