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Welcome to GoutPal Gout Help
Welcome to GoutPal Gout Help

GoutPal Gout Help Status

Starting in November 2021, I'm revising old content and moving it to my new Gout Blog. But mostly, I'll be adding new content for:

  • Replacement GoutPal Plans - you can see the start of this in Gout Maze - New Ways To Unravel Old Gout Concerns.
  • New Gout Food Database - linking foods you need or those you want to avoid with the latest healthy eating guidelines.
  • Your Gout Projects - templates to help you start your own gout management project. For a basic introduction, see my example at Starting Gout Plans.

As always, I will back my opinions and recommendations with published gout facts. So you can see that I have also revamped the Gout and Uric Acid Library. Now with simpler reviews to help you discuss your responsibilities with your professional health advisers.

New Gout Forum Trials

I'm in the very early days of reviewing a replacement for the current gout forums. As part of my changing technical platform, I expect this new format to be more efficient. But the real test is how it helps you as a gout sufferer. So please call into GoutPal's Gout Discussions. And let me know what you think.

Your GoutPal Gout Help

I hope you'll enjoy my new Friendly Help For Gout articles. And that you'll continue to give me feedback on my established articles. Please share and discuss them with your professional advisers, where appropriate.

GoutPal gets better for everyone when you share your thoughts about my articles. So now, you have a choice between Issues and Discussions. Also, for the time being, you can continue to use the forum, linked above.

Your Gout Issues

Please tell me if you want clarification on any page. Or if you want me to add any Friendly Help For Gout articles that I haven't included. First, check to see if we are already discussing your concerns in GoutPal Gout Help Issues. If not, raise a new issue to share your questions, experiences, and opinions.

Your Gout Discussions

I've always encouraged GoutPal readers to discuss their situation with fellow gout sufferers. Because only people who've suffered the agony of a full gout flare can understand the pain and frustration that comes with gout. Now for serious issues, I strongly recommend that you discuss your situation with appropriately qualified health professionals. If you like, you can refer to facts that I present on this website. Then if you or your advisers need clarification, you should raise your concerns with me. as I explained in "Your Gout Issues" above. But for a chat about general gout issues, please use GoutPal's Gout Discussions.

GoutPal User Content Review

This page is under review at GoutPal User Documentation Project. So you should join that project if you want access to:

  • Content improvements prior to publication
  • Research materials
  • Additional project notes, links, and files

Also, you can contribute to the research team if you wish. However, you can still have your say in the feedback section below. Because it is your questions, experiences, and opinions that drive GoutPal to be a better resource for all gout sufferers.

Leave Welcome to GoutPal Gout Help to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

Welcome to GoutPal Gout Help Comments

Please add your comments here. Or see more feedback options below.

Your feedback options are:

  1. Easy Gout Comments. Add comments above.
  2. Focused Gout Concerns. Create a new issue about any gout concern that you want to resolve. Or join an existing issue.
  3. General Gout Chat. Start a new discussion about any gout topic that interests you. Or join an existing discussion.
  4. Versatile Gout Annotations. Annotations allow you to personalize GoutPal pages to help you learn. But they also work as a feedback option. Especially if you use the Public Group, the GoutPal Links Subscriber Group, or a GoutPal Project Group. For more information, I recommend that you subscribe to my free newsletter.

If you are asking a question, it is best to:

  1. Search for that question in the GoutPal Search Engine first.
  2. Choose the most relevant result.
  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.

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