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Obsolete Gout Info
Obsolete Gout Info

Obsolete Gout Topics Introduction

After a certain time, some gout topics become obsolete. Because:

  • Newer topics have superseded the old information.
  • There is no interest in the topic.

When this happens, I usually redirect readers to the best alternative information. However, some topics have no related information. So I add them to the list below.

Obsolete Gout Topics

The 'Status' column means:
  • Active – there is an active GoutPal Issue for the topic.
  • Inactive – there are some additional notes about the deleted page. But they will be deleted after 1 year. Unless any reader asks for more time.
  • Archived – a link to a copy of the deleted page.
Any Hope For Gout Joint Damage?High uric acid leads to permanent joint damage. Joint research shows damage cannot be reversed. See how to prevent gout joint damage today.Inactive
Obsolete Gout Info
Obsolete Gout Info

Your Obsolete Gout Topics

Now you know the status of your obsolete gout topic. But first, you should search for that topic. Because that is the best way to find the most relevant information.

Beyond that, your next step depends on the status of the obsolete page:

  • Active: Add your comments at the link above. Or watch that GoutPal Issue until someone adds information that helps you.
  • Inactive: Add your questions, experiences, or opinions at the link above. Because that should reactivate the topic. Which saves unpublished research notes from being deleted.
  • Archived: Read the original version at the 'Archived' link above. That is the only information available. Because I have deleted any other PDFs and research notes.

This page is under review at GoutPal User Documentation Project. So you should join that project if you want access to:

  • Content improvements prior to publication
  • Research materials
  • Additional project notes, links, and files

Also, you can contribute to the research team if you wish. However, you can still have your say in the feedback section below. Because it is your questions, experiences, and opinions that drive GoutPal to be a better resource for all gout sufferers.

Leave Obsolete Gout Topics to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

Obsolete Gout Topics Comments

Please add your comments here. Or see more feedback options below.

Your feedback options are:

  1. Easy Gout Comments. Add comments above.
  2. Focused Gout Concerns. Create a new issue about any gout concern that you want to resolve. Or join an existing issue.
  3. General Gout Chat. Start a new discussion about any gout topic that interests you. Or join an existing discussion.
  4. Versatile Gout Annotations. Annotations allow you to personalize GoutPal pages to help you learn. But they also work as a feedback option. Especially if you use the Public Group, the GoutPal Links Subscriber Group, or a GoutPal Project Group. For more information, I recommend that you subscribe to my free newsletter.

If you are asking a question, it is best to:

  1. Search for that question in the GoutPal Search Engine first.
  2. Choose the most relevant result.
  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.

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