How To Get Rid Of Gout Pain Fast: Introduction

You want to know how to get rid of gout pain fast. I recently introduced the idea of different speeds for your journey to gout freedom. There are also different gout remedies to talk about. But be sure you talk to the right people.

Gout freedom is not about securing short-term pain relief, it is about getting to a place where you never have to worry about getting gout pain ever again. That means keeping uric acid levels in the safe zone. Then gout can never happen. This can take several months, for old uric acid crystals to dissolve. Until they go, you risk occasional gout flares, but you can keep the pain away – if you do things properly.

Let me tell you of the screaming agony endured by a friend who did not do it right.

How NOT To Get Rid Of Gout Pain Fast

In 1988, after 3 acute gout attacks, my friend followed his doctor’s advice and started taking allopurinol.

He thought that was the fastest way to get rid of gout pain, permanently, but it never happened.

What happened was the incompetence that many gout patients are enduring, because the allopurinol dose was never controlled properly with regular blood tests. Now, 24 years later, the uric acid crystals have continued to grow until every joint is painful. When your body is approaching 60 years old, continuous pain has a nasty habit of dragging you down. When I met my friend recently, he was shattered. Everywhere hurt, and he could not understand why. Physical pain begets mental anguish, and life is very unfunny.

I could not believe he never had a uric acid test, and immediately suspected long-term untreated gout. His agony had pushed him to seek specialist advice, and I was hopeful that the rheumatologist would investigate properly and provide adequate treatment.

I was a little concerned that my friend was advised to stop allopurinol until test results and a proper treatment plan were organized. However, given that a 300 mg, unregulated dose was likely to be doing more harm than good, I could see the sense of it. Allopurinol is the best thing that ever happened to gout patients, but the dose must be regulated by uric acid blood test results, or it is a lottery. 300 mg may be enough for people with slightly high uric acid, but if it does not lower it to 5 mg/dL (0.30 mmol/L) it is dangerous. At best, it does nothing. At worst, it puts you in a place of constant pain, where crystals start to dissolve, but immediately reform, as uric acid is not low enough to allow complete crystal clearance.

In my friend’s case, his blood test immediately revealed the cause of his continuing pain. His uric acid was more than twice the maximum safe level of 5 mg/dL – his was 12, the highest his rheumatologist had ever seen.

This certainly explains why 300 mg allopurinol daily was insufficient in his case, and he is about to start a program of increasing the dose to get his uric acid down to a safe 5mg/dL. However, he was still in a position of constant pain shifting from one joint to the next. Fortunately, his rheumatologist understood how to get rid of gout pain fast.

How To Get Rid Of Gout Pain Fast

Get rid of Gout Pain photoWhen I saw my friend again yesterday, the jovial smile was back on his face. The jokey banter was back in his voice as he relayed his plans for finally beating gout pain.

His rheumatologist recognized that no ordinary dose of anti-inflammatory medicine was going be enough. He came up with a personal combination of high-dose anti-inflammatory with a supporting fast-acting painkiller. The details are not important. It is important that he understood two things:

  1. Gout pain responds much better to combination pain relief.
  2. Over-The-Counter (OTC) dose is rarely strong enough for severe gout pain. Medical supervision is required for stronger doses.

After years of increasing gout pain, my friend can now see the end of his journey to gout freedom. He is pain-free from fast acting combination pain relief. He has a plan for a permanent end to gout pain by getting uric acid under control in conjunction with regular blood tests.

If you cannot persuade your family doctor to get your uric acid to a safe level and kill intermediate gout pain fast, then you need to consult a rheumatologist.

Finding your gout freedom requires that you get good advice. You can find how to get rid of gout pain fast, talking about gout remedies in the gout forums.

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