Gout And Montelukast

An investigation into a potential gout medicine. Montelukast, an anti-leukotriene used to reduce swelling for asthma sufferers, is compared to indomethacin, an anti-inflammatory commonly prescribed for gout. Although indomethacin comes off worse, we should remember that this is a very early non-human investigation, and we should note that the combined therapy seems better than either individual treatment.

The effect of montelukast in a model of gouty arthritis induced by sodium monourate crystals.
Ponce L, Arjona M, Blanco G, Alvarez S, Arcila E, Ortega A, Nuñez D, Verzura J, Tovar R, Bethencourt S, Riera R, Mora-Orta S, Corado J.
Invest Clin. 2011 Mar;52(1):15-22.