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Allopurinol the wrong way video transcript

I’ve taken the following transcript from YouTube’s auto-generation service, which I corrected where possible.

Hey, what’s up guys, this is maldoman23.

Today I want to talk about … I know it’s been a while since I made a video. But I’m just trying to make videos when I feel like it’s really important to me to make a video.

I want to talk about my gout and the use of allopurinol and I’ll put whatever links in the description I think that should to help you guys. Just to make it easier for you guys to find what I’m talking about. Especially about allopurinol.

Allopurinol may be used in cancer patients to lower the uric acid levels that develop when they go on to chemotherapy. So it’s being used for gout now for the long-term decreasing effects of gout flare-ups. But in the short-term, it causes gout flare-ups.

I’m not gonna explain to you why that does happen. You guys could do research on top of whatever links I can. But I’m going to give you the basic knowledge experience what I’ve been through about allopurinol.

Okay, so I tried taking allopurinol knowing the risk of getting gout flare-ups within the first two or three
months. And then you know hoping for the long-term not having any gout flare-ups. Because allopurinol is supposed to pretty much lower uric acid levels in your body.

Now seventy-five percent of people who take allopurinol for their gout flare-ups get these temporary flare-ups within the first two or three months. And the reason why I stopped taking it because in the first month I got about three to four really bad ones. And I got a gout flare-up in a place where I never got one before which was on my knee. Which was horrible, I mean that was the worst pain ever.

So allopurinol is for those people that suffer from gout that have a good two or three months to not do anything. You know, if you if you’re going to be home and you don’t have to go to work, you’re on a fixed income whether
it’s disability or whatever. I wouldn’t recommend allopurinol for people like me if they have to work. And have to get up pretty much every day and go to work. I would not recommend allopurinol.

You could potentially lose your job which almost happened to me. Luckily I have a boss that’s understanding and he understood what I was going through. But after the first month, I decided to stop taking allopurinol.

I stopped drinking. I stopped eating red meats. I stopped taking in processed sugar, refined sugars. I stopped all of that. As a matter of fact, I’m sober about 83 days now. So it’s a choice that you have to make. It’s a life choice that you just have to make. But for me, allopurinol was not the way to go. I mean I can’t take the chance of staying in bed for two to three months. I just can’t do that. I have to make life choices which I did.

So that’s that’s my video about allopurinol. You guys, I’ll leave as many links in the description as I can for you guys to see. But my decision was just to make the life choices. Eliminate the alcohol 100%. I know it’s an old cliche but I’d rather just be high on life now. At my age 41, how much fun can you get from drinking anyways? You gotta find other avenues in life to get high on.

And overall it’s better for your health anyways just to stop drinking, eat smarter. If you get like the sweet tooth, grab an apple or an orange or banana or something like that. Stick with the natural sugars instead of the refined or processed sugars. Stay away from the red meats. There’s other meats out there. There’s chicken, fish whatever you know.

That’s it this is maldoman23. I just want to give my little testimonial, my experience with allopurinol. Unfortunately for me, I fell into the 75 percentile that would get the gout flare-ups in the short term. So I just couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t afford to be laid up in bed for months at a time.

maldoman23 that’s my experience with allopurinol and that’s it.
Peace. Out.

GoutPal comments on video content

When you discuss taking allopurinol with your doctor you should also discuss a pain relief plan for six months. This can be daily preventative or as required.

You should never need to take time off work for a gout flare. See How do I stop Gout Pain.

The diet advice in the video is good. But nothing really to do with gout. OK, if you have secondary gout due to obesity, it might be all you need to do. But most gout is hereditary, so you need more than the diet changes suggested in this video. Also, you should make those changes irrespective of gout. Because excess alcohol and obesity are linked to many other diseases. So to people who think taking allopurinol will allow them to continue gluttony, I ask “What’s the point of fixing your gout only to die of heart disease?”

Most importantly, read my notes about monitoring uric acid levels in the Allopurinol for Gout – The Wrong Way article.

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