Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering?

Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering is my featured image for Lingering Pain After Gout.

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This image is from the final report in my lingering gout article. So it is particularly useful in identifying factors that you can control to speed up your gout recovery. Importantly, it identifies good factors to encourage and bad factors to avoid. Also, it separates factors that you must control from those you must discuss with your doctor.

Factors affecting lingering gout

Bad for Lingering Gout

Desire to self-manage
There’s nothing wrong with taking responsibility. But you will recover faster by engaging with your doctor. Also consider a Gout Mentor such as a doctors assistant, commited friend, or GoutPal.
General resistance to medication
I understand this, but the best way to stop lingering gout is a Gout Patients Plan. Then when you’ve recovered you might consider moving towards a Gout Diet Plan or Gout Herbalist Plan for ongoing maintenance.
Idea that a certain number of attacks is acceptable
The best plan includes preventative gout pain control until uric acid treatment becomes effective.
Perception of gout as acute or intermittent
This leads to treating symptoms instead of causes which encourages gout attacks to linger.
‘Wait and see’ approach
You should never let your doctor take this approach. So always insist on a plan to get your uric acid safe as soon as you can. But remember normal uric acid is not safe uric acid.

Helpful for Lingering Gout

Change in symptoms (frequency, severity, impact)
Monitor your gout symptoms every day.
Perception of gout as a chronic condition
Stop thinking about gout. Then you can focus on recovery from uric acid arthritis.
Good understanding of the condition and treatment
Use real scientific evidence from GoutPal to encourage your doctor to take lingering gout seriously.
Regular monitoring
Insist on monthly blood tests during treatment until your uric acid is safe and stable. Then increase the interval, but always get tested at least once per year.
Ongoing dialog with patient
Use the gout forum to discuss your doctor appointments. Because we can help you understand your doctor’s gout advice and help you know what to ask next.

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