How Long does Gout last in Big Toe looks at gout duration in the big toe. Also, I compare this with gout duration in other parts of the body. But, more importantly, what can we do to reduce gout duration?

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I wrote How Long does Gout last in Big Toe for gout sufferers who want to understand gout pain in different joints. In particular, you will be interested in ways to reduce the length of gout attacks. But, in this article, I am not looking at gout medications that reduce pain. So, if you are looking for gout pain medications, please search using the gout search box near the top of each page.

How Long does Gout last in Big Toe?

In this article, I will look at some strategies for reducing the length of gout attacks in different parts of the body. But, before you read this, you should look at general principles in How long does gout flare up last and How Long Does a Gout Attack Last.

Note that, those general principles highlight the need to adapt to what suits you. So, resting joints is generally recommended for gout. However, some people, including myself, find that gout attacks resolve faster when we keep mobile.

Big Toe, other toes, feet, and ankles

Your foot area is often the first place you encounter gout attacks. So, gout in the feet also has its own name: podagra. Because joints in your feet tend to be the coldest part of your body. Therefore, the most effective way to reduce the time for gout attacks in and around your toes is to protect them from prolonged cold. Also, as for all joints, if you are exposed to cold, try to get temperatures back up as soon as you can.

The next issue is bad posture when walking with gouty feet. Although this should not affect the duration of podagra, it can lead to pains in your back, hips, and knees, from limping. So, it is wise to wear supportive shoes or boots. Now, this can seem counter-intuitive. As we often want to wear soft shoes or slippers. But they don’t support your feet properly, so only wear them when you are resting, not walking. Also, it is good to have slightly over-sized shoes, with more than one pair of socks. Because that gives better support and insulation.


Similarly, gout sufferers ask how long attacks last in the knees. But, just like feet, there is no fixed answer.

I found that keeping my knees wrapped can help. So, discussing this with other gout sufferers, we found that “long-johns” helped. But, you can try anything that keeps your knees warm and supported.

Fingers, thumbs, hands and wrists

The obvious choice for people who are worried how long gout attacks last in the hands is to wear gloves. But, make sure gloves are big enough to protect your hands without causing unnecessary restrictions. Because restrictions in blood flow can trap uric acid crystals.

Other joints

It is important to realize that gout attacks can occur in every joint. So, this is particularly important if your work or lifestyle exposes a particular area of your body to cold or other stresses. For example, a sea captain complained of hip gout due to steering the vessel in cold seas with legs raised in the captain’s chair.

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How long does gout last with mobility

Now, staying mobile during gout attacks is contentious. Because rest helps some gout sufferers whilst others like to keep moving. But leaving that aside, there is a separate issue about mobility. This especially applies if you spend long periods in a set position. Because uric acid crystals tend to collect at low points and cold points. So, if you have a sitting job, make an effort to keep lightly exercising in your seat, and getting up regularly to walk around.

How long do your gout attacks last?

In conclusion, you can see that there is never a fixed time that a gout attack lasts. But, you can take steps to protect different parts of your body.

However, the most important thing is to get your uric acid under control. Then, you will never have to worry about gout again. So, if you want to reduce the time that gout attacks last, you can get more help from experienced gout sufferers.

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